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Getting the Right Glasses for Your Needs

Getting the Right Glasses for Your Needs

You’ve got a great pair of wire-frame glasses that help you to see clearly throughout the day, but when you head to the gym, these glasses don’t perform so well and slip and slide on your face. Or, you head out to play some golf or tennis with friends and you leave your glasses at home and throw on a pair of sunglasses that block the sun, but don’t help you track the ball.

Nearly 64% of adults in the United States wear prescription eyeglasses and nearly 40% use two or more pairs of glasses.

If you fall into the first category — you wear a pair of prescription glasses — Dr. Curtis Frank and the team here at Vision and Ortho-K want to make the case for outfitting yourself with another pair, or two. Speciality glasses can help you see more clearly, no matter your activity, allowing you to get the most out of your time.

Sports glasses play two roles

We first want to expand on the scenario we mentioned above about wire-frame glasses not being all that great for athletic pursuits. If you enjoy an active lifestyle, it can be beneficial to have glasses that can keep up with your activities of choice.

We offer specialty sports frames that are more durable, fit more snugly so they don’t slip around, and can perform the double duty of protecting your eyes, which is important with certain ball-and-racket sports.

These specialty sports glasses allow you to enjoy your activity more because you can maintain your great vision for improved performance.

Sun protection and better outdoor vision — a win win

If you have prescription eyeglasses, but swap them out with non-prescription sunglasses when you head outdoors, you might want to consider investing in prescription sunglasses.

Prescription sunglasses allow you to maintain your 20/20 vision during important activities, such as driving or walking down the street, and they also help you enjoy the outdoors a little more.

Our prescription sunglasses not only help you see more clearly, they offer critical UV protection to protect your eyes from damage.

Switching your look

Many of our clients have two or more pairs of prescription eyeglasses with very different frames, allowing them to change their entire look with a simple glasses swap.

Eyeglasses are a necessity, yes, but they can also be a great fashion statement and they can say a lot about you. So, one day you may opt for your wire frames for a serious look, and the next day you might be feeling a little more playful and throw on your chunky blue frames. Whatever your combination, it’s amazing what a pair of glasses can do for your look.

If you’d like to explore getting specialty sports glasses, prescription sunglasses, or more glasses options, simply schedule an appointment at one of our offices in Boston or Newton Upper Falls, Massachusetts.

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